If there’s a time where you should consider renting a van, it is definitely when you decide to move into a new home, or into a new studio. However, in such situations, it is very important to prepare yourself and make a packing plan so you can get the best value out of your renting services.

Besides the packing plan, it is very important to choose the right rental company. Some rental companies will include hidden fees, and some of them will go a long way by giving you additional equipment like straps and rope, such as Go With The Gecko or companies with similar reputation.

Prepare all the necessary items

Something that you really don’t want to do while packing, is pack certain items right at the beginning that you might need them at the end. Always remember to the tape, scissors, a knife, markers, as well as anything else you might need while packing. If your rental company doesn’t give you any rope or straps to secure the bigger items in the van, put those aside as well.

Packing with company is always better

Visualize the items in the van, and start from the big stuff

While drawing out a plan how you will fit things in the van doesn’t always work out, it is still a really good idea to try out. Also make sure to remember to fit the biggest item into your van first. Once you put the big items in you can easily pack other smaller items on top of them, until your hired van is completely full.

Sort things into boxes

Organizing things is one of the most important things while packing, especially if you are renting a van that is just big enough. By packing similar things into boxes and labeling them, like all of your china, or kid’s toys, you can easily unpack them together and place them into your new home or studio. Do not forget to mark the boxes, even if you pack them next to each other.

Organization is important

Don’t force things to work

If you happen to hire a smaller van than you need, sometimes you will simply not get to fit all of your items for single trip. While this might be a huge problem if you are moving to another town, it is not that big of a deal if you are moving to another location in the same city.

Of course, if you van hire Brisbane with Go With The Gecko or a similar reputable company, you will be able to swap your van for a bigger one without any issues if you agree to pay a little bit extra. Either way, you don’t want to force your items to fit when they clearly cannot, as this will not only waste your time, but you might also damage those items along the way.

Final Word

While there are many tips and tricks when it comes to packing, renting or hiring a van is a much better option than trying to move with your car only. The extra space will save you more than enough time, especially if you manage to fit everything at once, so you can skip out on all of those additional back and forth trips.

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